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Sardinia, 2015

Sardinia, 2015

I'm Monica Ålgars, a clinical psychologist, CBT psychotherapist, and researcher with a PhD in psychology. I'm specialized in eating disorders, body dissatisfaction, self-image, and self-esteem. I'm passionate about working towards reducing the gap between the scientific and clinical realities. In my clinical work I strive to use evidence-based methods and keep up with new knowledge (even when it challenges my pet theories), and in my research and teaching I mostly work with questions of direct clinical relevance.

I offer consultations as well as psychotherapy for problems related to eating, body dissatisfaction, and self-image. I have previously worked and studied in the United States, and am happy to work with English-speaking clients. 

You can contact me at monica.algars(a)abo.fi or +358 40 7056479

For my scientific publications and collaborations, please see my CV/publications.